How Tinder Is Making Your Love Life Miserable

It’s pure economics.

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Abundance in Dating

Back in times when the Earth population did not go over one billion (1804), the dating pool was scarce for both men and women (even though less for the latter). Rules regarding companionship were established by culture and religion and the relationship was “contracted” through marriage.

Then came Tinder

And then came technology, and above all, Tinder. The app did no less than revolutionizing “the dating pool” and literally changed its codes.

1. The Devaluation of Dating Goods

When the availability of goods increases in volume, their value, whether real or estimated, declines as ease of access increases.

2. Everyone Is Making Fewer Efforts to Date

Before we go any further, we need to define the dating market.

3. Abundance Leads to a Rise in Standards and Expectations

When I go shopping with my cousin and the parking lot is full, we park in the first parking slot we pass by.

While Dating Conditions Worsened for Everyone, It Improved for a Small Minority

Let’s summarize:

Tinder Is Not a Market

Like all topics explained economically, it’s great as long as you remain within the boundaries of theory.

What’s the Solution?

First off, people need to realize that if they want to date quality, they must themselves be quality.

The Bottom Line

Dating has never been so hard…and easy at the same time.

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