Do It Because You Want To — Not Because of Your Resume

There is more to life than how potential employers perceive you.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Life Is Not About Others’ Desires

Don’t choose a hobby for the sake of pleasing other people.

Life Is Not About Getting a Job

Yes, not having a job sucks. It’s difficult not to think about it. But you have to remember that the purpose of a job is to earn money so you can live.

You Have Better Things to Do With Your Time

“We are the sum of our choices”.

Knowledge Loses Value Faster Than an Ice-Cream Melts in the Sahara

The truth about skills is that you are no longer required to master them as much as you are expected to learn them. Translation: your capacity to learn matters more than what you know.

Companies Tell You You’re Part of the Family Until They Have Books to Balance

I had the chance to befriend a 43-year old woman who was studying with me during my master’s in political science.

You Are More Than a Piece of Paper

I am not a fan of CVs.

The Bottom Line

Value = passion + work.

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