It’s pure economics.

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Dating for millennials is getting harder for 3 reasons, all taking root in the same phenomenon: abundance.

Abundance is transforming the nature of dating from a social activity to a market of goods with its own rules and economy.

Economics teaches us that when the volume of a product increases, the (estimated) value of these goods declines (1).

Since the cost of acquiring the good is lower, consumers are both less willing to make efforts to acquire it (2) and to subsequently maintain it (2).

Furthermore, as they are offered more choices, consumers’ standards, and expectations regarding the product rise…

Don’t trust the numbers.

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When I was a kid, I wanted to become an actor. Everyone told me it was packed with competition, but I didn’t care and took action.

I looked every day for auditions, registered at the community acting school of my city, and did some impro.

My efforts paid off.

I got a minor role in a big French movie when I was 20 years old. Along with me were twenty-two other aspiring actors.

At the end of the shooting, we all intended on becoming real comedians and set out to do so.

It was in March 2015.

More than six…

Ever heard of the carnivore diet? You should do some research before publishing idiocies.

It’s about mastering the basics.

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There was a time in my life when I was depressed, anxious, friendless, jobless, financially distressed, addicted to weed, and overall, seemed to have failed my life entirely.

I knew I wasn’t going well, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I didn’t know what caused me to feel and act this way.

So I kept on reading books about happiness and how to get more friends. Instead of attacking the roots of my issues, I was merely trying to fix the symptoms.

That led me nowhere.

I eventually understood that my mental state and its consequences mainly stemmed…

How one business acquired me as their customer (for life?)

Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

In July 2019, I found myself in need to find a cheap and reliable butchery.

This is the story of how one meat shop among 20 won my heart and 100% of my monthly food budget, possibly for life.

1. Get an Appealing Shop/Front Page

When I started my all-meat diet, I needed to find a cheap and reliable butchery. I looked on Google and found out that the Brussels slaughterhouse welcomed a giant food market every weekend with wholesale prices. So I went.

The online reviews hadn’t lied. The food market was big (I later learned it was the third biggest in Europe). I ended…

Knowledge is much more than power.

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Like most people in damaged families, I have grown up with very challenging views of myself. While I have not completely gotten rid of negative thought patterns that come haunt me in the most challenging times, I am now doing much better than before. And I owe most of my progress to books.

These books are kind of special to me. They came at a challenging time in my life when very few people understood the situation I was in. Lack of understanding made my explaining, defining, and subsequent solving of the problem rather challenging.

In times when no one…

They have the potential to transform your life as they transformed mine

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Books saved my life.

In times when I was lost, lonely, depressed, and struggling to get out of bed, books acknowledged how I felt and gave me the tools to get better.

They gave me a roadmap to fix pretty much all of my issues, and God knows how many I had: loneliness, poor diet, anger issues, self-esteem issues, social issues, addiction issues, purpose and meaning issues, financial issues, and mindset issues.

I was blessed to find a book for every issue I aimed to fix.

Looking back to the best books I have read to deal with these problems…

There is more to life than how potential employers perceive you.

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Building a resume is now the equivalent of playing Super Mario Run. One needs to collect as many activities and develop as many skills as possible to hope to win the game and free the princess — I mean find a job.

The more lines, activities, and experiences you can line up on your piece of paper, the higher the chances to be “picked out” by potential employers for your dream job.

This has led generations of graduates to join workshops, enter fraternities, and participate in career-oriented events for the sake of “enriching their CV”.

However, these extra-curricular activities seldom…

Achieving a goal at all costs can yield unexpected results.

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

The phone rang. My sister was on the other end of the line.

After the traditional exchange of formalities, I let a complaint escape: “life is pretty much a boring routine at the moment. I wake up, go to the office, come back, walk, go to sleep. Every single day”.

My sister suggested that I break this routine with a physical challenge. She proposed I cycle along the river, from one city to another. I wasn’t too excited about riding a bike. But walking sounded nice.

I went to look for the type of walk I could do. I didn’t…


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